About Us

Uptime Computing provides IT consulting services in Austin, Texas.  Jake Knobloch is the founder and chief consultant at Uptime, here is what he has to say about the company:

"At Uptime Computing we are committed to our clients.  Technology is constantly changing.  I make it our business to keep up with these changes so that our clients can stay focused on their business.  We can provide the service you need, anything from total IT outsourcing for small organizations to occasional visits to people who office at home. We also specialize in open systems and open source solutions. Implementing Linux based email, proxy, web, and file servers, or simply installing Linux on your laptop or desktop is one of our favorite tasks.  Of course, we support all types of operating systems and software.  Give me a call, I would be happy to talk to you about your needs."

Jake Knobloch
Uptime Computing
(512) 633-4309